Maria Telidou is very 12-cover-photo-theta-xoros-gr-eng-for-emailhappy to answer your questions about Thetahealing, about seminars or individual sessions. If you call υs on  phone and we do not pick it up, do not worry, we will see your call and respond asap.
*Individual sessions can be done in every part of the world via phone or skype in English or arranged with a translator in other languages

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From Monday to Friday 10.30 – 14.00 (Athens time)

 Mobile: (0030) 6949762983
Facebook page:Θήτα-Χώρος
Facebook profile: Maria Telidou

thita xoros


The place for  ThetaHealing®” seminars
and “Non – Violent communication Seminars”


Aristeidou 27, Glyfada, 16674
see map here