In this  page you will find useful general information about ThetaHealing Seminars. You will find also the content of each seminar. If a seminar has been announced to take place, then you will  find all the specific information on the menu “Seminars” and then “Scheduled Seminars”.

General information

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ThetaHealing has many Seminars. Everybody should start from the “Basic DNA” seminar. Further you can follow with ” Advanced DNA” and “Manifestation and Abundance” seminars which are a good start to practice ThetaHealing, even in a professional level, if you choose to do so. Defenetely you will have a proper foundation to practice ThetaHealing on your self, on relatives and friends. If you wish to continue even further, the next seminars will give you more precious tools for yourself and whatever concerns your life. You will open up in new dimensions of your potential and therapy.

“Basic DNA”, ” Advanced DNA” and “Manifestation and Abundance” seminars are scheduled often during the years in Athens and other cities around Greece. Maria Telidou delivers this seminars usually within the same month. In case you cannot do them all in the same month, you may do them separately.  Although with the first seminar you will get the basics of ThetaHealing, however, with the second seminar, you will complete the techniques and you will work a lot on your self.  The third seminar is precious because you will learn specific ways to manifest your dreams for your life, find your special path in life called Divine Timing and you will go deeper in ThetaHealing techniques.

If you wish to do the first three courses in the same month and you will wonder if you can assimilate all the curriculum, we guarantee that doing the courses all together is desirable. They are connected to each other and you will perceive better the final goal of the techniques. In the courses you do not need to put any effort, neither to have a previous experience. The methodogy is such that you can absorb everything fast, easy and with no effort. The courses are very 100% practical with a lot of practice in pairs and groups. At the end of the course you will feel the certainty that you can apply easily the ThetaHealing teaching and its practice in your daily life.

How do I know that these seminars are official? Who is the founder of the seminars? How many seminars there are?

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Viana Stibal is the founder of  ΤhetaHealing® and of ΤhetaHealing® seminars. Her registered institute is called THInK®  – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® in Montana, USA.



The official seminars are having the following characteristics:

  1. Course duration is the same as stated by Vianna’s official web page.
  2.  You are receiving books and manual authorized by THInK®
  3. You are receiving certification from THInK®
  4. The teacher for every course, each and every time, is asking for an approval by  THInK®
  5. The teacher is an approved and certified ThetaHealing Teacher®  by THInK®
  6. The teacher is keeping the name of the courses as is officially stated by THInK®, he is demonstrating the official logos of his teaching certifications and all other logos of  THInK® and he is stating that he is teaching Vianna Stibal’s ΤhetaHealing® without changing the teaching or the name of the courses in any way.
  7. There are healers that use the name ΤhetaHealing® and they are not certified by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® ,THInK®, USA. Another case could be that they are certified but the teach their own version, combining ThetaHealing with their own methods or it could be that they change the name ThetaHealing® with another similar. Their seminars are not in the prime form as designed by VIanna Stibal.
    The student have the right to know where who is founder of the teaching so they can source the teaching back to its origin and the teaching should be kept original as the founder wanted  it to be.

Certified LogoThe ThetaHealing Practotioners or ThetaHealing teachers are ought to offer private session(professionally or voluntaritly) or deliver seminars,only after carrying the logo Certified Thetahealer® and they are compelled during a session or a seminar to use Thetahealing techniques without adding other techniques or take out parts from ThetaHealing techniques. Always be careful to ask for the logo ΤhetaHealing®, which is copyright protected. On  which is the official webpage of THInK® you can confirm is a healer or a teacher is authorizes by THInK®.

Because sometimes seminars are changing and some new are added to the programme we will link you with Vianna’s Stibal page so you can be always updated. Click here

Seminars are divided in three categories:
1. Practitioner seminars… click here
2. Instructor seminars… click here
3.Elective seminars… click here

Practitioner seminar are the essential seminars which usually last 3 or more days. Through them you may also get the “Masters” and “Certificate of Science” diplomas from TΗΙΝΚ.
Elective seminars are specialized supplementary seminars focus on specific topis. They do not lead to “Masters” and “Certificate of Science” diplomas.

Do you want to become ThetaHealing Teacher?


We are encouraging you to become a ThetaHealing Teacher. It is the best way to learn for yourself ThetaHeling, in a more profound way. Is also is the best way spread this teaching to others and to the whole world.
The way to become a teacher is the  following:

Each time to complete a course as a student then you enroll in the same course to become a teacher. You have the right to teach only  this course and not other. Advise the table below.

All the teaching courses are delivered only by Vianna Stibal. To find her schedule visit her website click here.

 Teacher’ duties

Teacher certification lasts for 4 years. To have the right to continue practicing you have to re-certify to update your self. There are no license fees or financial obligations to the THInK Institute or any other organization for teaching any of the seminars. Is not demanded to repeat each and every course.

How to apply to be a Teachers Assistant

Following is the  way to re-certify:

1. Basic and Advanced teacher:

  • Basic and Advanced teachers courses OR
  • Intuitive Anatomy teachers course

2. Basic, Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy teachers:

  • Intuitive Anatomy teachers course

3. Master teacher:

  • Basic and Advanced teachers courses OR
  • DNA 3 teachers course


When you re-certify  you may participate in the courses normally  or as an assistant. To apply for assistant click here.

Following is the table of the prerequisites to become an ThetaHealing Instructor for more details click here.

ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science Diplomas

ThetaHealing Master Certification

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The ThetaHealing Master Certification is awarded to all those who have completed the Eleven ThetaHealing seminars, listed below, within a 4 year period.

This award recognizes the amount of personal healing and transformation the individual has completed.


At the completion of the ThetaHealing Master Pragram each student is awarded a Plaques that says:

“You are recognized as one of the graduating classes from the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK) and acknowledged as a ThetaHealing Master.
You have accepted the challenge to soar above the world and overcome the barriers to success. You are recognized as a leader for your efforts.
Truly, you are an inspiration.” 

For the required courses to get the “Master’s certificate” click here.

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
new pic for scienceTo qualify for a ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing Instructor must become a ThetaHealing Master and complete the following seminars
– A ThetaHealing Certificate of Science qualifies the ThetaHealing Instructor to apply to operate a ThetaHealing School.At the completion of the ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Program each student is awarded a Plaques that says:This prestigious award is bestowed upon graduating the DNA2 and DNA3 Certified Instructors in acknowledgement of this high achievement in ThetaHealing.  May you use this knowledge in the highest and best way to manifest your dreams and find your greatest purpose with dignity and joy.
With Love and Gratitude

Vianna Stibal, Creator of ThetaHealing and THInK.

For the required courses to get the “Certificate of Science” click here.

If you will participate in seminars read the following rules

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  1. IT IS A NECESSITY TO CARRY OUT THE SEMINAR FULLY, because is a seminar with a lot of practice.THEREFORE IT IS NOT WISE TO MISS a day, half a day, or even half an hour, or to arrive later or to leave sooner.  If you miss an hour, even for reasons our of your control the seminar will be still cancelled for you and you will be refunded the amount minus expenses.You will be able to follow the seminar the next time. The seminar is all about experience and there are constant exercises, which if you miss it, it will be difficult to follow the flow and participate in the group. We thank you for understanding the importance of this matter.
  2. On the first day of each seminar please arrive one 30 minutes earlier in order for the subscriptions and payments to be completed. The following days, please arrive 15 minutes before the entry. For ex: if you arrive  5-10 min later, we will have to stop the seminar and the meditation in order to open the doors and this is very disturbing. The seminar begins always on time.
  1. Bring along notebooks to take notes. Bring with you a pair of slippers. Your outdoor shoes are not allowed in the hall.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in every part of the building. You are only allowed to smoke outside the building, and away from the entrance. Please do not drop your cigarette butts on the pavement.
  3. Lunch is not offered, however we offer healthy snacks: yogurt, honey, tahini, whole wheat bread, fruits, salads, tea and coffee. You may bring for lunch your own food if you wish.
  4. If you have a medical issue and take medicine please feel free to inform us so we can make you as comfortable as possible.
  5. There are chairs for everyone, if on the other hand you need special pillows to be more comfortable, please feel free to bring them along. There is enough space if someone wants to sit on the floor.You may also lay down during the breaks on the mattresses that are available.
  6. Please do not use any form of cologne or perfume, they might cause allergic reactions to the rest of the attendees. You may however use natural essential oils.
  7.  Personal hygiene: Because the seminar consists mostly of working in pairs and holding hands, please maintain in detail your personal hygiene for mouth, feet and socks and always wash your hands especially if you have been smoking previously. You may also wear comfortable clothes since you will be sitting for so long.
  8. If you sing or play a musical instrument it would be nice at the end of each day if you could sing or play your instrument. Feel free to bring it along. Music brings us together and is a major part of Theta Healing.


Repeating a Seminar

– You may repeat a seminar with Maria Telidou even if you had participated before with another teacher. You will have the special discount as is stated in the page” Seminar prices”.

– Enroll yourself in the “Book a Seminar” form and on the “leave us your message area” write e.g ”Repetition of the Basic Seminar”.

-You will not receive the books again. You will receive the manuals if they have been updated. Bring your own manuals in any case.

-You do not need to place a deposit. You just pay at the seminar this special amount.



basic think

Basic DNA

The heart of this seminar is the practice of powerful techniques that allow you to change life patterns…


Advanced DNA

The Advanced Theta Healing® expands your knowledge you acquired in the BASIC DNA course to encompass an in–depth understanding…


Manifestation and Abundance

In ThetaHealing®, the concept of manifesting is the belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the connection to the Creator of All That Is…


Intuitive Anatomy

The Intuitive Anatomy Class is an in-depth journey of discovery that takes Theta Healing® Practitioners through the human body…


Wolrd Relations

The ThetaHealing® World Relations Course focuses on specific cultures and beliefs to trigger present and past issues with races, religions, and people…..



In DNA 3 we learn how to move matter and have instant healings..

soul-mate 2

Soul Mates

In our hearts, there is a deep desire to unite with someone that we feel fulfilled…


Disease and Disorder

This class is to prepare ThetaHealing® practitioners to work successfully with clients who suffer with physical illness…


Dig Deeper

This seminar is designed to get all ThetaHealers® well trained at this essential technique, to give…


Rainbow Children

This seminar fulfills Vianna’s vision of teaching the Rainbow Children. Our world is now blessed with Rainbow Children, Teens, Young Adults that are…