Celebration of love and unity

Dear Friends,

Thank you all who came to the “Celebration of Love and Unity”. We honnered each other with love. We danced and sung. We watched videos of spiritual teachers. We blessed with hugs, prayers and meditation one another and together all the universe.
There were about 100 people. There have been purchased 370 lottery tickets. The incomes where shared in “Amma’s team” and “Aeifaron”. The most important in this celebration was that people from many spiritual teams found old friends that had years to see each other. Almost everyone found with big surprise some old good friend.
Also, the abundance in all levels. Money guthered for the social offering of the two teams i mentioned above, many new acquaintances, many brought  delicacies and we had all the food and evening desserts, many volunteered help and we had service and of course the 170 gifts were distributed by lottery to the guests. 70 gifts were very expensive, as were sessions promotions and seminars worth EUR 50-100 each. So without noticing the small and meaningful contribution each created a huge wave of abundance for all. Playing and celebrating. Let this be an example of inspiration for everyone.

Memorable moments from the celebration that took place in February 17, 2013 click here.

“Love & Unity Celebration”

Personal cordial invitation from Mary Telidou – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17, 7pm – “Our laughter is our gratitude for Life

534427_10151157858191143_1119363046_nOn the occasion of my birthday I would like to pay tribute to all those people who gave meaning to my life, I have constructed my character and brought the warmth of love not only in my own life and the life of humanity. I wish this birthday be a celebration of Love and Unity.

I would like to pay tribute …
… Amma, the Indian spiritual teacher who embraces the whole world
… Tibetan master Namkhai Norvou, founder of the spiritual path “Dzogchen”
… Michael, spiritual teacher “Aeifaron ‘community
… The Vaianna Staimpol founder therapeutic ThetaIealing® method or “Method thetans”
… Marshall Rosenberg founder of the method “Non – Violent Communication”
… The “Union of all Sacred Spiritual Teacher”
… My family, my friends, acquaintances and strangers and all the people who have shared with me their love for life.

SO Invite ALL …

304377_527258707303815_713643603_n– Community “Greek team Amma friends”
– Community “Aeifaron”
– Community “Dzogchen”
– Group “Non-Violent Communication”
– Group “Method thetans” and those who have done seminars, sessions or just love the Method
– All friends and acquaintances and of course my family

We will be glad if our honor with your presence. You can bring your friends and if you are alone, come, you are sure to make many friends here. This evening will be a celebration of love, union, exchange and supply. It is a celebration that everyone can contribute to everyone and take everyone. Apart from the cultural program there will be various activities which are:


Raffle with a lot of presents. All the income will be split shared between the groups’ Aeifaron “and” Amma “to financially enhance the spiritual and social work.

The group ‘Aeifaron “among other dozens of social projects has started the process of creating a model of spiritual, ecological and therapeutic center in Ancient Nemea.
Amma team tries to host Amma herself in Greece and offer spiritual and social work.

The price of lottery is 1 Euro each and definitely one to 2-3 lottery has a prize.

In gifts including books Amma, the Norvou, Aeivanchof, Peter Ntenof and other teachers and alternative treatments / sessions).

If you have an object that is in very good condition (books, clothes, cosmetics, decorations, household items, jewelry, etc., you can offer to be included in the draw. Also if you want to offer treatments / sessions / various services, bring us the card with your offer. Please contact Maria or bring your offering at the latest until 8 pm at the event.


IERAX -FINALE-2 copyIerax hall

ThetaInnerPlace Opening


Our dream is now a living reality for all …
ThetaHealing acquired its own home!

With much gratitude and pleasure to invite you to the opening the new multiplex “Theta Innet Place”.
It is a place which will host seminars and sessions Theta Method and other treatments and seminars
supporting the spirit, philosophy and practice.
It was a dream that was implemented quickly and easily by the grace of Divine Timing which brought together the right people at the right time.
This place is for me the proof that everything is possible when we hear our true Self.
I dedicate this achievment to humanity and all creation.
I warmly thank all who contributed to this achievement.

The inauguration took place on Friday, October 9, 2015.



Triple Celebration Joy, Love and Unity

Friday 19 February

I thank everyone who came to my birthday simultaneously celebrated by cutting the cake and eaortasmo than five years of ThetaHealing in Greece. Also thank everyone who sent their love from afar. I was so touching to see some people who did not know to open and offer me their heart so sweet. Thanks so much our musicians have created such a warm, friendly atmosphere and sat until 2 in the morning, giving the opportunity to all of us to sing, to dance and to express our joy. For some he was treated this celebration, weeping as they sang the first time before an audience or sang for their favorite. Below you will see stigmiotipa and videos from the celebration included the presentation by Maria Telidou and lovely Artists – spiritual program.


Together we create life – Radio Ypernoisis

Together we create Life!!
On Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 at 12:00, Panagiota and Vaios will host their show: “Managing for Life”, Maria Telidou.

In radio YperNoisis create new rhythms resonate in the dance of delight.

We are here to convey and transfer new vibrations ethereal substance through reason and sound.

SONY DSCA principle, at all levels and in all sectors.ypernoisisradio_mazi_dimiourgoume_zoi.vaios_panagiota

The reason given in art!

Our evolution is the evolution of our consciousness.
To recognize and communicate!

All together heart to heart in the flow of love

We approach! We support! We love!

Let’s get into the flow of love.

Life every day teaches us the value of unity, the dynamics of the collective spirit, sharing. Through this show will take you to a collective journey, with the intention of human empowerment through the connection.

Click here to listen to the music of your heart!

Google Cover(no date)

IAM Technique – Dayalu

IAM Technique

Highlights of the Seminar Meditation “iam” which hosted the “Theta Space” school. It was a great blessing for us and we thank Dayalu, who came from the ashram of Amma to teach our meditation. Also thank the Greek team Amma support. It was a great honor for us to offer even a little in the great work of Amma. More information on Amma click here.

Year cake cutting 2012

Happy new year, January 16 2012

A wish from ThetaHealing family to the whole universe

It is amazing the years to come when we visualize with the eyes of our heart, humility of our soul, the wisdom of our mind
… And we feel that we deserve to live in our daily life a sweet caress, a gentle rain drop, a kiss, a hug, a sunbeam, a polite cheery smile and those baby talk snickering.
That’s why we came to this dimension.
Let’s let it happen to us with love and serenity.
Happy New Year!