Theta Healing Presentation at Paros island, April 2017

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ThetaHealing Presentation at Contemporary Living Festival – September 2016

Contemporary Living Festival at Larissa town “2-4 September 2016″

“I would like to thank the organizers of the Weelbeing festival at Larissa who hosted me as exhibitor. I also thank those who attended the speech and my interest in the ThetaHealing. Another big thank you to those who approached and created new friendships and exchanged words heart. I wish good luck to all.


Presentation of the ThetaHealing Wellbeing Festival – June 2016

4th Wellbeing Festival “Saturday, the 25th and Sunday, June 26, 2016

We spent a wonderful weekend at the festival “Wellbeing”. Thanks everyone who came to my speech and the beautiful moments I shared with people, although we first met, aisthathikame brothers forever.

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Presentation of the ThetaHealing at Alterscope exhibition March 2016

Presentation of the ThetaHealing at Aeifaron hall – September 23, 2013

Presentation of the ThetaHealing by Maria Telidou at the alternately FestivalJune 15, 2013

Presentation of theThetaHealing by Maria Telidou, Wellness Festival, 4-6 April 2013


Presentation of theThetaHealing by Maria Telidou – 18 January 2013

Thanks everyone who honored us with their presence and their love in this beautiful presentation. The internal search help not only ourselves but also the entire mankind.


29 March 2012, Thessaloniki

It was the first public presentation of ThetaHealing in Thessaloniki, where many people still came also from the surrounding areas of Katerini, Trikala, Edessa. With some people, the emotion and the contact was so deep as if we knew eachother forever. It was a very nice evening. I thank all participants for their enthusiasm. The day began the cycle of Seminars of Theta Method in the beautiful area of ​​”Noda”. This seminar brought great experiences and changes in our lives. I thank all participants for their enthusiasm and their love.

May 4, 2012, Athens

The first public presentation of ThetaHealing in Athens on 4 May 2012. And others will follow during the year.

The presentation took place in the hall “Aeifaron” a spiritual space where the spiritual group “Aeifaron” meets weekly, which has based its teachings on Peter Ntenof and Aivanchof and other teachers. The peaceful energy of this room was a boon for this presentation.

The hall with all the 70 participants did this evening special. Participants had the opportunity to learn about ThetaHealing, understand how it works, solve their queries, witness a session and bring meditation to introduce themselves in brain Theta waves and experience this state of consciousness. It was explained how negative thoughts can lead to illness and positive thoughts to health in body or soul level and that with ThetaHealing techniques and Being in Theta waves we can reprogram the mind with positive thoughts.

In my heart I thank “Aeifaron’ team for permission to use this exquisite place (and not only the building but I mean the “space”). Thank all the friends and participants for their warmth and love they shared with me and everyone, for their knowledge and experiences exchanged and i am honoured by their presence.