ThetaHealing® individual sessions.

What a session can offer to me?

A private session may change your life for ever. Using Thetahealing techniques it is easy and simple to target the emotional patterns and limiting believes that are stored in somebody’s subconscious mind, body and soul. The person’s mind is programmed in such a way as to be able to transform, re- write and create again his reality and learn more for his own path in life.

Positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings become manifest in our lives through a harmonic relationship with our partner, our family, a happy career, abundance, health and a meaningful life. However, negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings, bring disharmony into our lives, into our relationships and can even cause disease.


If you are concerned about a health issue, we will see how negative beliefs have created diseases in the body and how we can replace them with positive ones. This can contribute actively to improving health.

If you are concerned about any other issue, you will discover the  deepest roots of it and you  will reprogramme your mind with new, pure thoughts, inspirations, believes and feelings. You will learn how to create what you want  in coordination with your Higher Consciousness and guided by real your own divine intuition. In this way you will release what no longer serves you in life.

With ThetaHealing there is not need for many sessions. Within one or few sessions a large proportion of someone’s issues can be resolved permanently.

ThetaHealing has healed, changed and transformed the lives of many thousands of people around the world. If there is an area in your life – health, personal, or professional – where you don’t feel 100% happy, ThetaHealing can help you.

Theta healing session  can  be  done effectively via  skype  or phone even if you  live in  another country.


If you wish a private session contact Maria  Telidou
mobile: 0030 6949762983
Facebook:Maria Telidou

Cost/Duration for a private session: Sessions  last about an hour. Regardless the duration there is a range or prices from 50-70 euros and within this range you may offer whatever suit you.

We do not book a series of sessions in advanced. We try to be effective immediately and bring the person in a state of self -reliance because we do not want a dependance to the healer. Therefore if you need more sessions we will determine this, each time.


Disclaimer: seminars and ThetaHealing sessions are suggestions for life improvement and therefore are no substitute for the official medical profession.