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Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifestation & Abundance, March 2017

Manifestation & Abundance – Autumn 2016 – Theta Inner Place School


Advanced DNA – Autumn 2016 – Theta Inner Place School


Basic DNA – Autumn 2016 – Theta Inner Place School


   Intuitive Anatomy – Summer 2016 – Theta Inner Place School


   Dig Deeper – Spring 2016 – Theta Inner Place School IMGP0871

Manifestation & Abudance – Spring 2016 – Theta Inner Place School

Advanced DNA  – Spring 2016 – Theta Inner Place School

Basic DNA – Spring 2016 – Theta Inner Place School

The first seminars in Theta Inner Place School Fall 2015

Inauguration Theta Inner Place School – October 2015


Basic seminars, Athens– October 2013

Intuitive Anatomy Seminar, June 2013

Seminar in Salonika (Thessaloniki), March 2013

Seminars in Athens, December 2012
“As the year 2012 ended, we had wonderful students full of kindness and receptivity. I want to thank you all very much; your love gives me inner peace. I wish you all, from my heart, love and light in your lives”. Maria

Seminars in Rhodes November 2012
It was a mellow seminar. The student’s hearts were innocent and kind. The first seminar that took place in Rhodes set foundations for a beautiful group of Theta Healers. I wish you, with all my heart, good luck. Maria.

Seminar in Athens, May 2012
“Congratulations to all the students of this seminar. They were all very openhearted. I would like to thank you all, for sharing your heart feelings with me as well as with the other students.” Good luck. Maria.

Seminar in Athens, September 2012
I thank all the participants for sharing their enthusiasm and love. This was a very powerful seminar. The questions and participation from the whole group was so intense that it lead us to new spiritual dimensions. It was wonderful that all 16 members attended the three-seminar cycle, therefore facilitating our connection and efficiency. I thank all the participants, for sharing their experiences as well as their love. Maria.

Seminar in Salonika (Thessaloniki) April 2012

This was the first Theta Healing Seminar in Thessaloniki. Until now, these seminars always took place in Athens. Due to the constant interest from Northern Greece, Theta Healing was introduced to them. On March 29, there was a public presentation of the Theta Healing Method where many people came from the surrounding areas of Macedonia: Katerini, Trikala, and Edessa. With some people the emotions and contact was so deep it was as if we knew each other a lifetime. It was a very nice evening. The next day, the Theta Healing Seminars began in the beautiful sports center of ​​«SomaNous Studio Nodo”. This seminar brought great changes and experiences in our lives.

Seminars in Athens February 2012:

This was the first seminar of the year 2012, it was crowded not only by students but also in experiences, hugs, happy faces and gratitude. Everything was so vivid and harmonious. I am so optimistic about the future, as well as the present when I see such enthusiasm to recall our spiritual dimension, our infinite abilities and perfect health.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, January 16, 2012 – Cutting the “cake” festivity: A wish from the Theta Healing family to the whole universe:

“It is amazing when we envision the coming years through our heart, our humble soul and the wisdom of our mind … And we feel that we deserve to experience in our daily lives a sweet caress, a gentle rain drop, a kiss, a hug, a ray of sunshine, a polite cheery smile and those giggling baby talks. That is why we have come to this dimension. Let us make it happen with love and serenity. Happy New Year!”

Seminar in Athens, December 2011

The last seminar for 2011 was full of Angels, both Human as those of other dimensions. Almost every photo taken had orbs. The students in Human Angel form excelled. So many transformations at all levels and so much love!!! A nice gift for me before Christmas, I thank all my students. Maria.

Seminars in Athens September 2011

In September 2011, was the third cycle of Theta Healing Seminars. It was such a beautiful and peaceful course. The seminars characteristic was “humor”. In addition, new and deep friendships were created. It was a seminar where I personally experienced major changes in my life. So did my students. When I asked my students to write down their impressions, frankly I was deeply touched. – Maria

Seminars in Athens, June 2011

The second round of seminars was held in June 2011 in Athens where approximately 18 to 20 people attended in all three seminars’ entire cycle. “It was touching to see how the Theta Healing Method changed the participants’ lives so quickly. Among us were two women from Rhodes, flying in every week for three weeks, having to pay extra expenses. When the certificates were distributed, everyone sang and danced… “. Maria 1. Seminars for “Harmoniki Zoi”, at Markopoulos, June 2011

The first ever seminars in  Greece delivered by Maria Telidou took place at the center “Myrinounta” in Markopoulos, in June 2011, for the organization “Harmoniki Zoi” Robert Natzemy’s organization. Almost all the “Harmoniki Zoi” coordinators were trained. Fifty-five people attended the basic ThetaHealing training and of these thirty-three people participated in the Advanced ThetaHealing training. It was an extraordinary experience for me because the group was so connected. Although there were many participants, we all felt like a family and shared many emotional moments. Surprisingly enough, I was told that Theta Healing was one of the best Methods they have learned so far and that they enjoyed it because there was much practice and not just theory. Others told me that they felt for the first time, their connection with God, others told me that it was the first time they understood how subconscious beliefs could obstruct their lives. It was very encouraging. … .. Maria