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Maria Telidou is  an  Thai Yoga massage Therapist as  well and would like to  present  you  this healing art.

Thai massage is a therapeutic art, with roots in ancient India but was developed particularly in Thailand. Through this massage, the whole body is affected, on a physical, emotional as well as spiritual level. The body, the muscles, the joints become more flexible, it also improves the body posture as well as the organs functions. Also, Thai massage balances deeply your energy levels, releases unaltered energy, relaxes, but it also activates and strengthens the body by bringing harmony, peace and well being.

The specialist puts pressure on energy meridians of the body and performs exercises of stretching, physical therapy and yoga, while you remain passive and calm. The duration of the session is two hours. It is a massage where no oils are used, you wear comfortable clothes. The massage takes place on floor mats or blankets. This helps the specialist perform the proper exercises.


IMGP0668I believe that massage is a natural motion in humans. When a certain area hurts, we put our hand instinctively over the area and either hold the area or even put pressure. When we love someone, we caress him or her. Even on an animal, we express our feelings by caressing them. We caress children on their head. In all these cases, the motion is similar to a masseur or physical therapist, which consciously or subconsciously transfers energy through his or her hands on the area. The intention is a positive one, and that’s what brings the result.


This is the reason I was attracted to Thai massage. As a gymnastics instructor and athlete, I immediately saw the benefits not only on a physical level, but also on an energy and spiritual level. The exercises are a dance, a free flow of energy between the therapist and client.

The duration is essential for the client to adapt emotionally in order for the work to be done from head to toe, and mostly the toes and fingers are worked on a lot.

Usually after this particular massage I am told that it is a unique experience.