Student seminar in harmonious Life, Markopoulos, June 2011

The seminar ThetaHealing is one of the most comprehensive *integrated* courses that I have attended. It approaches the students, future healers (?) in a way that only the Source or the Creator of All that Is could. Of course, through the teacher and the future practioners correspondingly! It prepares the therapists to enter all planes of Existence and to help resolve all issues. I experienced the absolute guidance of the Creator of All That Is.

A huge thank you to Vianna Stibal, and to my teacher Maria Telidou, which, throughout the duration of the seminar with her presence showed us how to be a Theta Healer, how to experience and express it in every way!

I strongly recommend it with love!


Sanja Petkovic, Markopoulo 2011

The Theta Healing modality helped me feel safe enough to be able to unlock my souls deepest qualities..

Testimonials from the Basic Theta Healing Seminar September 2011

  • Inspiring Seminar. It really changes peoples’ lives for the better!!!! Thank you!!!
  • I m excited, it is a great modality of clearing subconscious beliefs, and connecting with the Source, it unravels ways to spiritual development and growth.
  • It s as if a brand new white page opens in the book of life, where restrictions, *musts* and fear does not t fit. Only our creative tendency, in harmony with our deep and honest *wants* of the soul. It is honestly a God given gift.
  • This modality is an outmost help to achieve all we want to achieve in life.
  • The *Theta Healing* modality is a spiritual path towards our inner awareness and the wisdom of All That Is. Maria Telidou is a spiritual being! Thank You!!!!
  • Theta Healing modality is the best experience I have had in my life. I will use it on myself, as I will, help others as well. Thank you, Maria Telidou. I am grateful.
  • A unique experience! An excellent seminar by a charismatic instructor, Maria Telidou. She gives all the tools to improve and heal your life as well as others. Maria, I am grateful.
  • Thank God for this unique gift. Thank you for creating this modality *Theta Healing*. It is the best gift that s ever happened in my life.
  • An essential tool, to use either for personal growth and healing, or professional. The modality I was looking for.
  • I am grateful for this modality. It helps you to explore yourself, and exploit your connection with the Creator of All that Is. Many thanks to Maria Telidou for conveying this incredible tool of self-discovery.


Most of us agree that everything begins and ends with the cleaning of rubbish of our subconscious, for ex, the buried restrictive negative beliefs, negative thoughts, negative emotions, repulsions, unfulfilled wishes, inferiority complexes, etc, that hold us back from being disconnected from the Source and infinite Creator s Abundance in all areas as well as all levels.(however, the Source is called!) I believe that this modality called Theta Healing is the best cleansing technique, for getting rid of all subconscious rubbish (either on ourselves or on others) because it offers concrete improvement of our everyday life!



The Theta Healing modality is a unique method that heals changes and literally transforms our lives. The seminar I attended was for me, a real blessing because I learned how to manage in the most direct and best way my issues, how to resolve chronic issues, how to cancel primary negative beliefs and to bring into my life more light, more love and to become a better person. Maria Telidou is an excellent teacher, charismatic and spiritual, with an open heart and a pure soul. She has the necessary knowledge, transmissibility, is direct, honest and, in particular, a lovely human being! It was an amazing experience. If more participated in these seminars our world would be a better place.


LIANA MOUTSANA, September Seminars

I would like to say a big THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart, with this modality I managed to find the strength to get rid of all my unnecessary weight… all this I have succeeded in only 3 sessions… I will come as soon as I reach my goal… you will see a new renewed Liana!!! I am very happy and content!!! I want to let you know that my professional life is doing great as well!!! This is the best seminar I have attended!!!! And I have done many… you are one of my best teachers!!!! You are an Angel!!!! Many thanks!!!


MARIA AVORITH February seminar 2012

Maria I would like to thank you again for the way you communicate with those that chose to be in your seminar. It has been a month since I completed the seminars and the changes in my life are *shouting*. I stopped eating meat, and I wonder how I ate it! This I didn’t t pursue, it just happened! I have started making my own soap and cosmetics without preservatives. I have rid myself of my fears… the way is interesting:

It happens as such, it starts as an initiating feeling of insecurity or fear. A part of me remains fully intact as an observer (it even smiles). Another part, sinks into the situation and feels self pity by crying and sighing, etc.. Then there is a combination of the above and the restlessness disappears. My problems are not over, I just deal with them differently, by penetrating with Theta Healing and I realize that it is a means to greater self-awareness. My dreams are also very interesting!!! That s all for now, I thank you again, and hope you are always full of LOVE.