“You can change your life by changing your beliefs”



ThetaHealing®, is a set of techniques that allow us to access into the subconscious to change thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us. The name “Theta” derives from the frequency of brain waves Theta that science detects the EEG. There are five brain waves with different frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. Theta brainwaves is a frequency in the brain, when we are in a state of deep contemplation or meditation, while dreaming during sleep, just before falling asleep and immediately after waking up.

Theta Healing, by using a simple technique, we enter consciously in this Theta frequency and there we connect with the Highest Consciousness or Supreme Intelligence that exists within us and rules all creation. Many give to this consciousness the name God, Jesus, Buddha, Unconditional Love, Life, Tao, All That is, Existence, etc. It is not necessary to belong to a certain religion as long as you feel the consciousness that keeps the universe in balance and harmony based on Unlimited Love.

Being in this state of consciousness, it allows us to connect the conscious part of the mind with the subconscious part of our mind. The beliefs and feelings of which we are aware of are stored in our conscious mind (5% of the total) while those of which we are unaware are stored in our subconscious mind (95% of total). Whatever happens in our lives we have created based on thoughts and beliefs that hide in our subconscious. We create our reality because:

The beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are positive, will attract positive vibrations that eventually are revealed in our lives through a harmonious relationship with our partner, with our family, a happy career, with abundance and health and we find meaning in our lives. On the contrary, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are negative, appear in our lives through a disharmonious relationship with our partner and our family, with a career that does not interests us, by lack of funds, by disease, lack of orientation in life and feeling of loneliness.

ThetaHealing as a Method is successful because we become conscious of our negative beliefs and feelings and with simple techniques; we are able to replace them with desired positive confirmations, affirmations, feelings and beliefs. It is essential therefore to have only positive elements in our subconscious to live happily.

Health: It is now an accepted fact by science that most physical health problems are associated with negative beliefs of our mind, our emotional state and our thoughts. Through ThetaHealing Method, we replace the appropriate positive beliefs, if the fundamental cause of a disease is eliminated, the disease may subside. Individuals regardless of age, culture and religion can learn ThetaHealing. Even young children!

Everyone has intuitive capacities and capabilities to cure oneself, our physical and spiritual level is unlimited. No requirement for any previous experience or skill in meditation or expertise is requested. ThetaHealing techniques are learned easily by anyone and can be used on you, your friends, your family, the professional work place, even plants, animals and the environment. People from all lifestyles, students, parents, professionals, have found these techniques invaluable in their daily lives.

Theta Healing is used by a wide range of professionals in the area of classical and alternative medicine, as well as consultation in matters of personal or professional life who apply it individually or as a powerful supplement to existing practice.

The use of ThetaHealing Method has healed, changed and transformed the lives of many thousands of people from around the world. If there is any area of your life, health, personal, professional or other that, you are not 100% happy, ThetaHealing can help you.

How can an individual apply ThetaHealing?

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With ThetaHealing Method it is easy to replace for ex: the mental program “I fear success” or “You should not succeed “ with a program like “It is my right to Succeed” The process takes less than a minute and the results are for life. When you are in a state of Theta, you may access all areas of your life and re-program a more positive reality.


Spiritual growth: better communication, direction and clarity in relation to the higher Consciousness

Emotions: Understanding, solving and transforming all negative emotions, getting access to the root of the related cause

Relationship: Harmony and unity with others, by changing the inner relationship with yourself

Creativity: Cleaning of blockages and opening the channels, so your creativity can be expressed through writing, acting, singing, dancing, painting, sketching, poetry etc.

Career: Refresh your enthusiasm for your life purpose and access the guidance you need to achieve

Health: Intuitive body scan to see what happens in the body and how the body is ill, due to energy blockages that result from negative emotions.

Other areas may be: Addictions – Allergies – Anger Management – Anxiety – Mourning – Fear of commitment – confidence issues – Depression – Drug Abuse – Emotional challenges – Phobias – Guilt – Health topics – Jealousy – Loneliness – Negative emotions and thoughts – Obsessions – panic attacks – Personal development – Fears – Rejection – Sexual issues – Shame – Cowardice – Fear of exposure – Stress – Trauma – Misery – Restlessness

How does Theta Healing work?


By slowing the brain frequency to include the Theta brain waves, it is possible to choose information that is recorded in the DNA. This information may relate to genetic disease and health codes, beliefs and experiences from childhood to adulthood, ancestral beliefs and talents, injuries, damage due to environmental pollutants and even the collective consciousness. The information registered in the DNA communicate constantly with body cells, it passes the message to the other cells and consequently throughout the body and eventually creates a reality in which a person experiences.

Deepak Chopra in his book Quantum therapy ‘states that we have the choice to weaken or strengthen the ability of DNA to correct itself. He also states that much of the DNA is unknown, and that ‘the DNA holds much of the vocabulary in silent storage. A genetic scientist estimated the number of molecular’ words’ that are produced in a cell, if translated in English , would fill a thousand volume dictionary, and that this is the product only 1% that we have been able to understand (of DNA).

Such information can give ideas for the untold potential of humanity, as well as give us the right to explore the magnificent library, which is under our skin and in our cells.

Therefore, ThetaHealing is a technique that helps unlock the innate intuitive insight, gifts of clairvoyance and channeling that is stored in your DNA. The Theta Healing Method educates the person on how to develop and implement these features.


When someone goes into Theta State and connects with the divine consciousness immediately he or she begins to co- create their lives. This happens when in a conscious state of mind ( Beta waves) taps into the subconscious (Theta waves) to implement for learning (Gamma waves) and rewrite the subconscious programs (Theta wave). It then returns, to move freely (Alpha wave) in the present and the conscious mind ( Beta wave) to change or resolve the challenges that he or she have in their lives.


Theta is the name scientists have given to brain waves, which the body achieves when we are in deep meditation. When doing a healing through ThetaHealing, the brain automatically places you a into Theta state in which you can see, hear and work with the ‘Source’ or your Higher Divine Consciousness. The process of ThetaHealing Method is incredibly simple and anyone will be able to get into Theta State within minutes!

While you are in Theta, you can ask questions such as ”why is this person sick? “ or “ what prevents their success? “ And literally you will see or hear a response. The answer might be “they don’t think they deserve to be healthy (or successful) “. The therapist then connects with the Source to teach the client a different attitude and understanding. The results are directly felt by the patient and confirmed by muscle testing.

Theta Healing involves collaboration with the higher consciousness of the universe. What is needed is to accept that the superior intelligence of life can work with us and dynamically transform our lives.



ThetaHealing teaches us how to use our innate intuition, based on unconditional love, and the energy of creation to do the treatment. Changing the cycle of brainwaves, to include the Theta wave, one can witness the Divine and bring immediate physical and emotional healing. ThetaHealing Method allows us to simply and quickly identify the deep blockages, emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are stored in the mind, the body, the subconscious and the soul.

It then transforms reprograms and remodels, in order to rewrite and recreate a new life and reality. Through this technique, someone can also learn how to access their intuitive skills and learn more about the purpose of his life. The Theta healing method is such an easy technique that even a six year old can use it efficiently!

Quantum Healing


ThetaHealing® can be better understood from the view point of applied quantum physics. Until recently, the idea of a healing prayer seemed irrelevant to science. Indeed, belief in the healing capacity of prayer was often considered superstition to scientists, and such attitudes tended to put scientists and spiritual people on opposites sides of any debate about the value of prayer. However, recent discoveries in quantum physics, a demanding and rigorous science that studies matter and energy at the deepest and most subtle levels, have shown that consciousness itself is a powerful force.


When Theta Healing® practitioners lower their brain waves to theta level, their ego barriers fall away and their consciousness can more easily connect to the Universal Consciousness that we call God. The quantum non-locality theory states that a unifying connection can exist between two or more objects, even at great distances. If one object is perturbed, the other will seem to feel it and react, regardless of the distance. Non-locality suggests that it is possible to use conscious prayer to create change.


Ethically, ThetaHealing® requires that desire for this healing be verbally affirmed by the client before the prayer is offered. Likewise, the theory of quantum entanglement says that the very act of observing a quantum particle will affect its behaviour, implying that consciousness influences events in the material world.


For example, microbiology research indicates that human emotion can either constrict or loosen the stranding of human DNA on a microscopic slide outside the body. Thus, researchers observing DNA through a microscope could see the strands grow tighter or looser as a result of the observers’ feelings.


It is this principle that requires that Theta Healers observe that changes take place.

Why is a Theta brainwave pattern important?


Scientists have discovered that the emotions for “bliss” and deep internal “peace”, are only felt when theta brain waves are dominant on the E.E.G. It has also been noted by researchers that it is theta brain waves that allow individuals to experience their strongest spiritual connection.

Five brain wave patterns


There are five major frequencies of brain waves. The brain uses all these waves at any one time. Usually only one frequency is dominant in any given situation.



The Gamma state of mind is the state we are in when we are involved in complex learning and process information. Gamma waves stimulate the release of Beta endorphins. Gamma waves appear to be involved in higher mental activity including perception and consciousness. Your brain waves cycle between 28- 40 cycles a second.



The Beta frequency is the cycle you are using at normal times. Your brain is cycling between 14-28 cycles per second. Whilst reading this you are in Beta.



The alpha frequency is one you use the most when in a relaxed, meditative frame of mind. Your brain waves cycle between 7-14 cycles per second.



A Theta state is a very deep relaxed state of mind. A Theta state is most often reached during a deep state of meditation. It is also a sleep state and can be achieved as well through hypnosis. Your brainwaves cycle between 4-7 cycles per second while in theta. Theta brain wave allows your conscious mind to connect to your subconscious mind where your experiences, long term memories, creativity, emotions, spiritual connection and inspiration are stored.



A Delta state of mind is found whilst you are in deep sleep. The Delta state of mind is a cycle of 0-4 cycles per second.

Applying the Theta Healing® technique

By going into the theta brainwave and connecting to Divine consciousness one begins to co-create their life. This happens by consciously (Beta) accessing the subconscious (Theta) to apply super learning (Gamma) to re write the programmes of your subconscious (Theta) and then allow them to flow back (Alpha) into your present and conscious mind (Beta) to change or resolve the challenges you have in your life.

Cellular communication


About Theta Healing keeping a large vocabulary in silent storage -one geneticist has calculated that the number of molecular ‘words’ produced in a single cell, if translated into English, would fill a thousand volume library – and that is the product of just the active 1% we have managed to understand (about DNA) ‘ Such information can give insights into the untold potential of humanity, as well as bringing us the right to explore the magnificent living library that exists under our skin and within our cells.


ThetaHealing™ is a technique that helps us to consciously choose which DNA should be ‘switched on’ and which should be ‘switch off’. This means that we can actively reprogram cellular information to release outdated information and in its place install or activate better instructions, which fortunately steps us into better health and a brighter future.


ThetaHealing™ is such an easy technique, that children as young as six are using it with results!


Intuition development

Theta Healing® is a technique which helps to unlock one’s innate intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentence.  Theta Healing® trains the student to develop and apply accurate 6th sense perception to their lives.

Four Levels of Beliefs

Theta Healing® is a powerful, highly versatile and holistic personal development modality. Through a range of techniques you can reprogram your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance. Empowering you to realise your full potential.




Core beliefs, are taught and instinctively programmed into our subconscious in childhood (0 to 7 years). If you have been told during childhood that “You don’t deserve it !” the subconscious is being programmed that “you don’t deserve it !”. As you grow up you may wonder why abundance and love are not in your life? You can call it “bad luck”, but it is that childhood programming that is sill held in the subconscious.


The subconscious is like a tape player that plays this program 24/7/365 – that is: 24 hours a days, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With ThetaHealing, the practitioner is pressing the record button. The old program is being recorded over with a new program.




Past lives and collective consciousness experiences are carried to the present at a subconscious level. These experiences are positives and negative from thousands oflifetimes. If for example, your past lives was a monk and you wonder why in this lifetime you have trouble expressing yourself then it related to past lives. Some monks often lived in seclusion and could not openly speak.


ThetaHealing RESOLVES issues in the history; they are NOT cancelled or replaced.




Carried over from our ancestors, programs are added to the genetic DNA. If your ancestors grew up with the feeling that a person had to suffer before they got ahead then you may wonder why you are suffering in this life time and not getting anywhere.


ThetaHealing replaces genetic issues at a DNA level.




All that “is”. Our souls is still learning and can be directed for what it is supposed to experience in its existence. A soul is a fragmental part of a higher spiritual being. Over time the soul becomes fragmented.


If your soul has been learning sadness, then ThetaHealing pulls, cancels, and replaces that sadness fragment at a soul level.

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing techniques to identify the limiting beliefs and feelings stored in the subsconscious mind.
In Theta Healing® we use muscle testing which is a form of applied kinesiology. Anybody can do it because it uses your electrical system and your muscles.


When looking at subconscious beliefs, nature answers your yes/no questions by projecting a positive energy or a negative energy into the electrical circuit that you have created by your fingers especially for the muscle  testing.


How does muscle testing work?
Whenever you say or think something that resonates as true with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become stronger and as a result the muscles also become stronger.
Similarly, when you say or think something that resonates as false with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become weaker and as a result the muscles also become weaker!


For example, if you are a man and your name is Bob, and you state “I am a man” or “My name is Bob”, this will resonate as true with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function strong.


Conversely, if you state “I am a woman” or “My name is Amy”, this will resonate as false with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function weak.


Scientists, physical therapists, and doctors know about the important relationship between muscles and electricity, and you will find a variety of electrical stimulation devices used in rehabilitation and various recuperative therapies. Because muscle functions with this electromagnetic field, the stronger the field is, the stronger the muscle will be for the same to perceived level of effort.